Words by Countess Axylides

Hold on, hold on,
We're not all the same,
Hold on,
Some of us are different,
So hold on.
Some of us are vicious, some of us tell lies,
Some of us keep promises, some see with open eyes,
Hold on.

I spread my wings around your bleeding wounded flesh
And draw down power from the burning midnight moon.
I'll call my wolves to guard you all through the awful day,
No mortal hand shall harm you though the dawn comes soon.
Hold on..

Through the blending twilight we fought with power's might,
None can serve two masters, the strongest proves the right,
As the twilight deepened I sensed your power fade,
I drank the blood of heaven, I broke the sword light made,
Then as the darkness gathered I saw your inner face.
Angel, then I loved you, brother of my race.
Hold on...

I spread my wings around you and the prison of your flesh
And call on powers greater than this cruel solar day.
With wings in pride I gather shadows from the storm.
No mortal sees within, nor shall another slay.
Hold on...

All through the darkest midnight you held my soul alive,
You shared with me your bitter blood, your strong will to survive.
As the daylight gathered, I sensed your power fade,
I saw the grace of demons and the Rule that honour made.
I looked beyond the fang and claw to recognise my race,
The dark reflection of my faith, the mirror of my face.
Hold on...

Hold on, Hold on,
We are all the same,
Hold on,
None of us is different,
So hold on.
Some of us are gentle, some of us are kind,
Some of us can learn the truth, some of us are blind,
Hold on...