(Words by the Countess, tune byZan)

Rise up, rise up my fair one,
To the shades your price I paid.
I have walked the lands of chaos,
And the elder lords betrayed.
My steed is swift as lightning lingers,
My sword is sharp as poisoned death.
My cloak is warm and will protect you,
My song is fate upon your breath.

Rise up, rise up my fair one,
I have combs to bind your hair,
I have gems to light your fingers,
I have furs to warm my lair.
Here are silks from ancient China,
Fans an Empress yearned to own.
Here are gifts from ancient Egypt
That I offer to atone.

Rise up, rise up my fair one,
For the moon is risen high.
It is time to wake, my dear one,
It is time for sleep to die.
Shake off the dreams of men that haunt you,
Demons, dear, must not be coy.
Open wide your eyes in wonder,
Taste again my love's dark joy...