(Words by Countess Axylides, tune by Zander Nyrond)

Darkness ring me round, where I lie, where I sleep,
Shadows dance for me, underground, where I keep.
Silence is my friend, love made chains for me,
Power is my pride and my end, compassion let me be,
set me free,
set me free.

Catlithe with grace I fall through the sky, where I reap.
Cloak and collar tall, overground, where men weep.
Silence is their foe, chains of love leave them whole,
Pride is their salvation, death and hate their only goal,
they go free,
they go free.

Moonshadow mark her step where I lie, hear her weep.
Dreams of love are slain, still I wait, half asleep.
None shall wake me now, chains of love I cannot bear,
Tears that burn me so, though I have no soul to care,
still I go,
still I go.

Sunglory is her crown, where she stands, where I stare,
Her laughter is a joy past renown, past compare.
And silence is my friend, these chains of love are mine.
All my gifts I spend, there shall be no end,
I stoop to taste her wine, she shall be
one with me,
we are free.