Name:. . . . . . . Jonathan Nicholas David Waite.

Date of birth:. . . . 19th December 1955.

Place of birth:. . . . Tiverton, Devon, England.

Status:. . . . . . Married.

Overview:. . . . . Creative, articulate, self-motivated, broadly experienced in the sales/clerical sectors.


Secondary school: Tiverton Grammar School, Tiverton, Devon.

Dates of attendance: September 1967 to July 1974.

Examinations passed at GCE Ordinary Level with Boards, grades and dates:
Subject Board Grade Date of examination
English LanguageOxford3June/July 1972
English Literature " " "3 " " " " " " "
Latin " " "1 " " " " " " "
Mathematics " " "3 " " " " " " "
Physics " " "5 " " " " " " "
FrenchCambridge1 " " " " " " "
German " " " "1 " " " " " " "
Examinations passed at GCE Advanced Level with Boards, grades and dates:
Subject Board Grade Date of examination
LatinOxfordAJune/July 1974
GermanCambridgeB " " " " " " "
French " " " "E " " " " " " "

Also passed: Certificate of Proficiency in Use of English.

Date:. June 1974.

University: King's College, The Strand, London WC2R 2LS.

Attendance: October 1974 to December 1976.

Course:. B.A. German and Latin. Completed two years of a three-year course: no qualification obtained.


Present employer: Benefits Agency, Kingsmead House, James Street West, BATH BA1 erm.

Nature of business: Civil Service.

Date of commencement: 8th March 1999.

Job title: Administrative Assistant (AA).

Scope of duties: Clerical assistance to Administrative Officers as laid down in procedures. Still learning.

Salary: 8500 gross per annum.

Reason for wishing to leave: I don't. Yet.

Previous employer: Mole Valley Farmers, Frome Market, Standerwick, Frome, Somerset BA11 2PN.

Nature of company: Agricultural and general retail trading co-operative.

Date of commencement: April 1991.

Job title: Branch Assistant.

Scope of duties: Buying and stock control, counter assistance and computerised till operation, reception and switchboard operation, liaison with customers and suppliers, unpacking and shelving of goods, and general office duties as required. I also have experience of back office computer operation, entailing input of delivery notes, stock control queries, preparation of reports and related tasks.

Date of leaving: 5th March 1999.

Salary on leaving: 8000 gross per annum.

Reason for leaving: Lack of prospects for advancement.


Although not formally trained, I can type accurately at 35-40 words per minute, and have used an Amstrad PCW, an Apple Macintosh, a PC running DOS and Windows, and other types of personal and business computer. My spelling and grammar are faultless, and I am painstakingly accurate in my written communication. I can also read and write in French or German, though my command of both languages is somewhat rusty.


I have congenital asthma, eczema and hayfever, in mild and controllable forms. Apart from this, my health is good and I suffer from no serious disability.


I enjoy writing stories and songs, drawing, playing computer games, corresponding on the Internet, reading, listening to music and entertaining my friends. I have at various times been involved in amateur publishing, drama and role-playing, mediaeval re-enactment, convention-running and home recording.

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