Stormcastle Age

Day 2. Apologies for the bare-bones nature of these pages: I'm learning to use Dreamweaver, which once I get the hang of it will probably be a lot easier than hand-coding the HTML. EDIT: some improvements have now been made. At least I hope they're improvements.

I went back, taking care to remove shoes and roll up trouser legs first. I forewent the knotted hanky, though. It wasn't raining, though I think it had just been. Still daytime, and still dark. I'm going to need some more batteries for the torch fairly soon.

There's an arch at the base of the castle, but the trees have grown so close that I had to climb one to get anywhere near.

View from the tree

As you can see, it ends in a blank wall. Well, not quite blank, as I found when I eventually got into it. Below is an expanded picture:

The wall

Those letters sort of faded in as I approached. I've tried to enhance them:

With enhanced letters

I guess you touch some or all of them in a certain sequence to get in, but which ones or what order I have no idea. There must be a password. I tried various combinations till the rain set in again, with no luck. That one at the top (K?) I had to jump to get at. Twisted my ankle on the third try. I love the D'ni.

Tomorrow I'll be scouting around the island again to see if there's the equivalent of a spare key under the mat. If anyone has any ideas in the meantime, though, that would be wonderful.

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